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Healthy Bears Take the Stairs!

11844941_677859825682954_6261371468235582985_oIsabelle Thibau, MPH ’16, developed and led The Healthy Bears Take the Stairs initiative in 2014. The initiative aims to increase the use of stairwells in an effort to promote healthy workplaces and environments. Creatively enhancing the stairwell’s physical appearance with lighting elements, artwork, and increased signage has cultivated a pleasant experience while promoting behavior change. Isabelle’s leadership and motivation to put good ideas into practice allowed for this project to gain support, including funding from the Green Initiative Fund at UC Berkeley. Students volunteered their time to prep and paint the stairwells and local artists created beautiful designs to make the stairwell an inviting space. This campaign also installed motion sensors to collect data about stair use and implemented a competition among SPH staff, faculty, and students to promote the notion that healthy bears take the stairs!

See photos and learn more about Healthy Bears Take the Stairs at https://www.facebook.com/CalBearStairs/.


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