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Alumni Update- Mehreen Ismail, MPH ’15

After graduating from UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health in 2015, Mehreen entered a PhD program at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University, where she studies how state and local-level policies affect access to SNAP and the overall social safety net. Read below for an exciting update about her recent work:


In March 2015, I used funding from the Augustus Oliver Brown Fellowship to participate in a workshop called “Feeding Cities,” hosted by Northeastern University. I presented my summer internship research project. Papers from that workshop were compiled into an edited volume, which has been published on the following website:


The book highlights policies and initiatives promoting urban food system sustainability, health, and equity. It relies on evidence from a diverse set of researchers to determine effectiveness and share best practices. I am a co-author on Chapter 6.

Without support from the PHN program, I likely would have been unable to participate in the workshop and subsequent publication. Thank you so much for facilitating everything that made my involvement possible. Also, thank you for sharing the most recent PHN newsletter; it is a wonderful way to stay connected with the program.

-Mehreen Ismail, MPH ’15

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