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PHN Soirée Spring 2017

The PHN department, along with our students’ friends and family members, had the pleasure of watching our second-year students present their capstone projects on Tuesday, April 4th. Many of them began their projects a year ago and have been working tirelessly with our faculty, preceptors, and one another to conduct literature reviews and analyze their results. Final reports are due this week, so we heard teasers for what will be the final products of their projects.

Examples of students’ project topics included a statistical analysis of dietary patterns and cardiovascular disease risk among women with HIV, an evaluation plan for plate waste in school cafeterias in Oakland, a media advocacy plan for a sugar-sweetened beverage tax in Richmond. Topics were as diverse as ever, and our audience was engaged and inquisitive throughout the three-hour event. Thank you to all of the faculty and preceptors who helped them review these projects and presentations. We hope the students have enjoyed and learned from this process and we look forward to celebrating the end of the year with them soon. .


Second-year PHN students, after presenting their capstone projects

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