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Barbara Abrams

abramsBarbara Abrams is a Professor in Epidemiology, Maternal and Child Health, and Public Health Nutrition. She currently leads a study of inter-relationships between early life adversity, pregnancy weight, racial disparities, and obesity in women and their children. Dr. Abrams is also involved in studies that investigate the contribution of maternal obesity, gestational weight gain and Black-White Disparities in stillbirth, infant mortality and other adverse birth outcomes and randomized trials to prevent postpartum weight retention in low-income WIC women and to prevent excessive gestational weight gain in obese women. Dr. Abrams is also leading a study of 47 different countries around the world investigating national policies related to maternal weight before, during, and after pregnancy. She previously led studies that tested a novel method designed to prevent maternal to child transmission of HIV through breastfeeding in sub-Saharan Africa. Learn more about Professor Abrams’ research here!

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