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 Maternal and Child Public Health Nutrition Training Program

Since July 2013, the PHN Program has held a training grant sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration, Maternal and Child Health Bureau. The primary purpose of the training program is to train short, medium, and long term MCH Nutrition leaders with the skills to identify, monitor, evaluate and implement public health nutrition programs. We accomplish this goal by:

  • Providing at least 2-3 scholarships per year to masters’ and doctoral level students to train them to become skilled maternal and child public health nutrition leaders;
  • Strengthening our competency-based PHN MCH curriculum to incorporate a life course model, social determinants of health, and cultural sensitivity;
  • Contributing to MCH Nutrition Workforce and Succession management goals by developing a series of public health nutrition and leadership online training modules to provide continuing education to place-based public health nutritionists in the field;
  • Providing interdisciplinary training and practice and inter-organizational collaboration to enhance systems of care for MCH populations;
  • Supporting and bolster faculty, student and community initiated research.

Each year the UC Berkeley PHN program can offer at least 2-3 scholarships funded by the MCHB to master’s or doctoral students while they pursue a public health nutrition graduate degree. Scholarships are intended to assist in tuition/fee payment for graduate education in Public Health Nutrition with a focus on Maternal and Child Nutrition. Students who receive these scholarships are considered long-term trainees and will have received a letter indicating their traineeship prior to admission to the PHN program.


Long-term trainees will be required to complete all the requirements of the MPH in Public Health Nutrition. The 12-week field work requirement and comprehensive exam should be in an area focused on maternal and child nutrition. In addition, trainees will be required to take PH290 “MCH Leadership Seminar,” and are strongly recommended to complete the MCH Specialty Area. Trainees are also strongly encouraged to apply for the Center for Health Leadership Fellowship Program (http://chl.berkeley.edu/programs/fellows-program.html), and to attend the workshops on career development offered by the CPHP (PH291A). Trainees will be provided with opportunities to further develop their skills through attending or presenting at relevant conferences or meetings, providing content to highlight their work or interests on the PHN website or other related publications, or working on specific projects as needed with PHN faculty or partners.


Funding from the MCH-PHN Training Program:

Most funding is typically reserved for students who already have their RD, or are close to finishing the requirements for their RD. Occasionally, smaller amounts of funding are made available to students completing projects germane to the MCH-PHN training grant goals and objectives. Some examples of funding opportunities include: attending or presenting at MCH-nutrition conferences, workshops, or symposia; technical assistance or collaboration with community organizations serving underserved and diverse MCH populations; other special projects under PHN faculty supervision.

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