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These policy briefs were created by students in the Food and Nutrition Policies and Programs course.  For the final project students are asked to create a document that includes a description of the policy, an annotated bibliography of stakeholders in support and opposition, and a fact sheet.


Each year, our 2nd year MPH students present their capstone projects to an audience of their peers, faculty, family, and community partners at an end of the year soiree. All of their presentations and projects must be innovative, thought provoking, and insightful. Each project is intended to be a culminating experience that demonstrates synthesis and integration of knowledge acquired through students’ coursework, internships and other experiences. Students have the option to complete one of four different types of projects: original research, grant proposal, proposal for nutrition-related program, or an alternative approved option (such as a business plan). Click here to view soundbytes and slides from previous years’ projects.



The MCH  Nutrition Training Program is one of 6 Maternal Child Health Bureau (MCHB) funded training programs. You can read more about our Training Program under the admissions tab. MCH Nutrition trainees from all 6 MCHB funded programs have joined together to create a forum for trainees from each site to share and learn about each other’s experiences as graduate students and public health professionals. Click here to view the trainee blog.

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