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Policy Briefs

The state of California is a national leader in developing nutrition policies to promote public health among its citizens and environment. Roots of Change and the California Food Policy Council have developed a California Food and Agriculture Legislation Tracker annually in recent years that follows and analyzes the state’s proposed legislation related to food and agriculture. Last year, it featured 19 such pieces of legislation. Students use this report for their final project in our Food and Nutrition Policies and Programs course. They create a document that includes a description of a chosen bill, a fact sheet, and an annotated bibliography of stakeholders in support and in opposition of the legislation. Click on the links below to read through some of these thoughtful and fascinating policy briefs.

Spring 2017

School Meal Programs–Direct Medi-Cal Certification and Universal Meal Service Mandate by Daniela Flores

Recess Before Lunch: A Policy to Reduce Plate Waste Among Students in Oakland Elementary Schools by Hannah Kleiner

Senate Bill 138 School Meal Programs– Free and Reduced Price Meals: Universal Free Meal Service by Olivia Kosten

Senate Bill 708 Fresh Start: Pre-release Public Benefits Enrollment by Ronli Levi

Urban Foraging in East Bay Regional Parks by Athena Roesler

Summer Electronic Benefit Transfer for Children: Ending the Summer Nutrition Gap for Children in California by Ryan Smith

California Good Samaritan Food Donation Act of 2017: Decreasing Food Waste and Food Insecurity in California by Lin Stoler



End Overtime Exemptions for Farmworkers by Katie Johnson

Pass the Preserving Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act (PAMTA) to Stop Non-therapeutic Use of Antibiotics in Animals by Krysti Escobedo

National Nutrition Education Standards to Support Child Health by Bryden Johnston

Regulation of Medically Important Anti-microbials in Food Producing Animals to Combat Antibiotic Resistnance in the United States by Stephanie Leonard

Reducing Wasted Food in Clark County, WA: Policy Recommendation for the Board of County Councilors by Terra Rose

The Expanding Nutrition’s Role in Curricula and Healthcare Act: A Policy Analysis and Prediction by Margot Zipperstein


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